copper foiled watercolor easter eggs


When I began this Easter egg project I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Initially, I considered creating pattens with the copper leaf on the eggs by taping off a design and then removing the tape after foiling, thereby revealing the pattern in the white shell underneath. But applying metallic foil is delicate work, and even more tricky on the curved surface of an egg. So I chose to let my preconceived ideas go and play a little.

I like how the copper foil makes a random pattern when applied loosely to the egg shell. After experimenting with the foil on a plain white egg, I decided to add watercolor underneath the foil for a little more pop.

Removing the egg from the shell allows you to show off your eggs every spring, and you can even add to your collection of beautiful Easter eggs each year. This project can be done with older children but I recommend blowing out the eggs first without help from the kids. It’s tiring work!

DIY Copper Foil Easter Eggs

What you need:
one dozen white eggs
push pin or small nail
watercolor paints
paint brushes
modge podge glue
gold, silver or bronze leaf

1. Rinse the eggs with warm soapy water and dry them on a towel.

Small and large holes in the egg

2. Using a pin, poke a small hole at the top of an egg. Flip the egg over and make a slightly larger hole in the bottom of the egg. Put your lips over the small hole and blow the inside of the egg out into a bowl. Pat the egg dry and place the empty shell in a safe spot where it won’t roll away. Repeat for all the eggs. Leave the shells in a well-ventilated place to dry thoroughly overnight. (Refrigerate the eggs and make a delicious omelet or frittata in the morning!)

A bowl of dry, hollow eggs

3. Paint eggs with watercolor if you want eggs that are not white. If you are doing this project with kids, you can let them draw on the eggs with metallic pens before painting. The watercolors won’t show over the metallic ink, and the design will show through the paint. Allow to dry.

Watercolored eggs

4. Using a brush, apply modge podge to your egg. Carefully tear off pieces of metallic foil and gently press them onto your egg. Use a soft brush or waxed paper to press the foil flat on the egg.

Watercolor eggs with copper foil

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