glitter easter eggs

Our Easter tradition is to visit my family in California. Northern California is spectacular in the spring. The verdant hills glow with new growth and smell like luscious damp dew in the mornings. The temperature (low 70s) feels perfect. And I don’t have to cook anything while there except egg salad for Easter lunch. Yum!

Giant Mushroom

My girls and I haven’t been in NYC for Easter—well, ever. Which is great, because the Easter Bunny would have to hide eggs in the dirty alley and tiny swath of grass behind our home. Not so fun. But at the grandparents’ house, there is ample grassy, woody space to discover hidden eggs and treats. We practice the time-honored ritual of submerging hard boiled eggs into fizzy colorful goodness known as PAAS. The girls are pretty much onto the impossibility of the Easter Bunny’s existence, but I neither confirm nor deny. (Do they actually want to know that magic isn’t real?)

Leading up to Easter, I don’t decorate the house much (since we won’t be home, after all). But I usually want to play with hollowed-out eggs, which are a super-fun medium for paint, decoupage, and even copper foil.

In volume, decorated eggs make a show-stopping table centerpiece. Hollow eggs also keep forever (or until broken, the fragile devils!). Ever obsessed with sparkly things, this year I created glitter-covered eggs.

Glitter Easter Eggs

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

What you need:
One dozen white eggs
Push pin
Paint brush(es)
Various colors of glitter
Craft tape (optional)


1: With your push pin, poke a small hole in the pointier side of an egg. Poke another hole in the opposite side and make the opening larger by twisting the push pin around a bit in the hole.

Blown-out egg

2: Put your lips over the smaller hole and blow the egg out into a bowl (to make something tasty and eggy with later). Repeat with as many eggs as you can before giving yourself an aneurysm.

Egg Shells and Insides

3: Wash the eggs and allow to air dry.

Eggs and Modge Podge

4: Using modge podge or regular Elmers Glue, paint stripes, dots or any pattern you wish onto the shell of an empty egg. Blocking part of the shell with tape before glittering also creates a nice effect.

Glitter Easter Egg

5: Sprinkle glitter generously over the egg. The glitter will stick where you have painted the glue (stating the obvious). It works best if you work in segments and don’t try to glitter the entire egg at once.

6. Dry on a wire rack.

Glitter Easter Eggs

Display your gorgeous glitter eggs prominently!

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