organization & musings

bumper car

i was minding my own business, whistling a happy tune while crossing the street. next thing i know, i’m on the ground. i hear a collective gasp from the many passersby on the bustling block. i absorb what has happened: i was struck by a car going in reverse while walking across the street. ouch!

getting hit by a car took me totally by surprise. i had no idea what was about to happen until it did. this is the meat of life—things happen that you don’t expect. you can either sulk and moan or you can look on the bright side. i feel lucky. i could have been run over, crushed, broken. instead, i got up, shaken and a little bruised, with a painful wrist but no other serious injuries.

for me this was a blinking, neon sign reading, “live in the moment, honey.” life is short, and could be over with a quickness. enjoy it. get a rainbow mani and eat a cookie.

shoe project done!

turns out i’m an equal opportunity shoe lover (except the cheap variety). photographing my shoes led me to evaluate whether each pair is current and in good condition. i’ll admit that a few are a little scuffed, but i’m not ready to part with them yet. step-by-step shoe box photo labeling: 1. photograph your shoes. choose {READ MORE}

fall closet cleanout

the weather has changed in new york. i love how predictable the seasons are. school starts and it’s time for longer pants and blouses. jeans feel tight after a summer of dresses, but it’s not long before i’m happily wearing them again every weekend. as soon as the weather turns and the leaves start to {READ MORE}

not a mommy blog

sometimes, occasionally, i get a  burst of creative energy. i feel good about myself, fun. and i think, “THIS IS WHAT I USED TO BE.” i know i said this wasn’t going to be a mommy blog. and it isn’t. when i think of the “mommy blog”, i envision warm-hued images of barefooted babes and {READ MORE}

eames chair found on sidewalk

newsworthy or not, it felt like serendipity. i was driving in my neighborhood when i spotted this lovely discarded eames chair put out with broken furniture to be collected as trash. i quickly loaded it into my car and drove away before a remorseful owner could stop me and reclaim the treasure. after i got {READ MORE}