royal sleep

every day I get out of bed feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. every day i try to iron myself out at the gym or in pilates class or whatever way possible. i have decided that i will train myself to sleep on my back. and this will solve all my problems. you {READ MORE}

white: the best non-color

living in nyc, i see a lot of black clothes. i’m not really one for black. i love color, and lots of it. plus, i don’t think i look good in black—it’s a little sad on me, not glamorous at all. i’m too blond, too california, too something for black. heading into summer i’m reminded of {READ MORE}

fab find: 1960s bathing suit

the manhattan vintage clothing show held lots of treasures this spring. i saw several one-piece rompers and modest mid-century bathing suits as well as troves of red, white and blue pieces. even though it’s still chilly in nyc, everyone is gearing up for barbecues, hot nights and summer in the hamptons (or for the less fortunate, {READ MORE}

crowned princess

ever since my girls were small, my mom (aka “mana”) has been making paper crowns for their birthdays. she makes one each year for my niece, too. by now she has created a dozen or so different crowns and is something of an expert in paper crown making. it has become a tradition to receive and wear {READ MORE}

making for mom (part two)

i got on the plane at laguardia laden with a big, colorful wreath. heavy with anticipation. okay not really about the anticipation part. but i did lug the thing from nyc to carmel, ca to give to my mom during our visit. (read part one of making for mom here if you missed it.) i {READ MORE}

sticky fingers: decoupage easter eggs

this past week the girls and i traveled to visit the grandparents in carmel, ca for spring break (and brought with us the wreath). carmel is home to clint eastwood, whose former notoriety as town mayor has been overshadowed by his conversation with an empty chair. anyhow, we’ve spent our time soaking, frolicking in the green green {READ MORE}

lighting your eyes will love

as much as i enjoy winter activities, no matter where i live spring doesn’t come early enough. i have been hiding in my hobbit hole for weeks. the spring bulbs are peeking through the earth without any upward movement. they need a blast of warm weather and sunshine before they will give my eyes some {READ MORE}

making for mom (part one)

my mom has amazing taste. every place you look in her home you see interesting eye candy. she has a lot of treasures, this lady. i remember a three foot leather camel next to the fireplace growing up (weird but cool). she has little installations all over the house. i love it. here we are {READ MORE}

freezing friday: is it spring yet?

i am so ready for sandal season! i even went out and bought myself a strappy lil’ pair of lovelies that i’m dying to put on my feet. but it’s downright chilly in nyc right now. so i’ll keep wearing the woolens for a bit longer. until then, here’s what i’ve been keeping warm with this {READ MORE}