brooklyn flea market

this weekend i checked out the brooklyn flea market in fort greene. the size of this flea market is just right and there is something for everyone—antique furniture, glassware, handmade pottery, jewelry, and baby and kid items.

fort greene flea market also has several booths filled with fun vintage items—sunglasses, typewriter keys, clothing and jewelry.

antique rocket ride

i have wanted a couple of these old outdoor chairs for years now. they are all over the west, but you don’t see them too often on the east coast. although i love pink, i really envision them in red (plus i have a tiny porch that is already full). so these chairs were not meant to be mine.


  1. brad June 9

    The pink chairs are cool!!

    1. erin November 12

      thanks, brad. those old metal chairs are fun.

  2. […] ones outside red rooster in missoula nearly a decade ago. (i also saw a pair of pink ones a at the brooklyn flea market, but they had already been restored and i like my chairs rusty and old looking—don’t […]

  3. […] year ago today i published my first blog post about the brooklyn flea market. the time has flown […]

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