independence day wreath

i love this felted wool wreath so much that i had to make one of my own. my idea was to create a felted wreath for independence day based on the american flag—a classic source of design inspiration. (plus, i was born on the 4th of july.)

i used eco felt, made from recycled plastic bottles (in the US of A to boot!). i ordered three yards of each color—blue, white and red. the material came 72″ wide, and it was just enough felt. i doubled the fabric over and traced lots and lots of circles with a jar; then i cut them out two at a time. i folded each circle twice and snipped a little hole in the center of each circle.

at the hardware store i bought a 36″ metal rod (like a dowel) that was 1/8″ in diameter. the rod was tricky to bend evenly into a circle, but once i did that i slipped the felt circles onto the rod and then used a pair of wide pliers to bend the last 1/2″ of both metal ends and hooked the two ends together.

any imperfections in the circle are concealed by the felt, and the wreath is sturdy thanks to the thick metal rod. i wasn’t sure the design work with only three colors, but even after my man commented that “it looks like The Cat in the Hat” i am still in love with it.

i am now selling this wreath on etsy!

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