i heart vintage pyrex

when i think of vintage kitchenware, the multi-color bowl set by pyrex comes to mind. these multi-colored bowls are the first consumer product to be made from opal pyrex, and were produced from 1945 until 1968. the colors are vibrant even now. i have seen sets ranging from $40 to $65, and i often see individual pieces that can be picked up for a few dollars. they are bright and lovely and i enjoy them even when they are just resting atop the cupboard. the bowls are super functional and look great for hors d’oeuvres, especially when all four are used together.

for the dabbler who wants to take the leap into “collecting,” these bowl are a perfect first purchase. and as a ubiquitous symbol of an era, these bowls are sure to retain value.

plus they make anyone feel happy.


  1. I grew up in a house where these where our ever day bowls. I like them, never managed to break them, but when it came time to furnish my apartment I went with Fiestaware, a tribute to my grandmother and her vintage radioactive fiestaware.

  2. erin November 12

    fiestaware is cool and fun. i love it when people mix and match the colors.

  3. […] in his shop, but he also carries a small but tasteful array of mid-century housewares, including pyrex bowls and colorful frosted glasses from the 1960s. the shop is open during the week and most saturdays, […]

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