hell’s kitchen flea market


on saturday i went to the hell’s kitchen flea market. touted at one of the top ten shopping streets in the world by national geographic, this market (located on 39th street between 9th and 10th avenues in nyc) is open every saturday and sunday year round. the temperature peaked at over 90 degrees, so it was not crowded despite this being one of the busiest tourist weeks of the year.

doorknobs at hell's kitchen flea market

this street market really reminded me of flea markets of old… lots of eclectic, weird collections of stuff–from jewelry and hats to assortments of water spigots, doorknobs and letterpress type. i even saw a group of tiny smurf figurines.

art at hell's kitchen flea market

as independence day is near, there were also lots of american flags and flag-inspired art, scarves and clothing.

mirrors at hell's kitchen flea market

my favorite thing about this market was the mirrors, which were fantastic.

i have a feeling many of the vendors took this week off due to the holiday and the heat, so i will be sure to check out the hell’s kitchen flea market again.

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