eames chair found on sidewalk

newsworthy or not, it felt like serendipity. i was driving in my neighborhood when i spotted this lovely discarded eames chair put out with broken furniture to be collected as trash. i quickly loaded it into my car and drove away before a remorseful owner could stop me and reclaim the treasure.

after i got home with my prize, i did a bit of research. i soon learned that it’s not actually a gen-yoo-wine eames molded plastic eiffel armchair, but rather an “eiffel bucket chair” from white on white, an online retailer that sells knock-off herman miller and knoll designs. my first clue was the feet, which look clunky and ugly.

the dead giveaway was the “white” stamp in the plastic on the bottom of the seat. there is much debate about the ethics of knock-off products. but at least white on white owns it proudly and doesn’t try to pass as the original.

the wire legs are stable and lovely, just like the real thing.

the silver lining is that i can leave this chair in front of my home in nyc without fear that it will get stolen.

i also glimpsed a karim rashid butterfly chair in the yard where i found this chair. i have a pair of karim rashid’s fun, oversize chairs in storage and i miss them. maybe if i’m lucky that one will go the the curb next.

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