fall closet cleanout

the weather has changed in new york. i love how predictable the seasons are. school starts and it’s time for longer pants and blouses. jeans feel tight after a summer of dresses, but it’s not long before i’m happily wearing them again every weekend.

as soon as the weather turns and the leaves start to fall off the trees, i think about halloween and the holidays. i have to resist my urge to start buying xmas gifts (besides that it’s too early, i have no place to store them).

instead, i focus my energy toward cleaning. i switch out the clothes in my closet, storing away sundresses and linen tops and replacing them with the wool skirts and puffy vests that have been languishing in storage for the past six months. there are a couple of items in my closet that i didn’t wear at all last year. i’ll force myself to don these lonely clothes and either work them in to the lineup or lose them now that they are in season again.

to that end (here’s the part i’m feeling so self-satisfied about), i decided to photograph all the shoes that live in boxes in my closet and attach the photos to the fronts of the boxes so i know what’s inside. i probably read about this in some magazine that suggests things to do to organize your life that .01% of the population actually does. but i have always wanted to do this because i have, as my sister says, “a touch of the ocd” and also because it’s a practical solution for a closet that isn’t big enough to display my shoes in their naked glory. here are some of the shoes:

the best part of photographing my shoes was i got to take them all out of their protective shells and fondle them.

> check out the “after” closet

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