jefferson, meet pig

pig, this is jefferson. jefferson sofa. in sunny yellow.

a thing to behold. i don’t want to say “things” make me happy, but this sofa from thrive home furnishings does.

the yellow brightened up the room so much. and this sofa is deep—perfect for an afternoon read (or nap).

check out the sweet bird throw pillow custom made by a talented lady who sells her pillow covers at the brooklyn flea market and on etsy. what a treasure!


  1. Thale Dillon November 12

    Erin, I realize you’ve had your sofa for a while now, but I must say how much I like it (and admire your guts for getting a yellow sofa and envy you for having a husband accepting of a yellow sofa). Thanks for forwarding you blog address–I hope you are all OK after the weather excitement you’ve been having (and that you haven’t bodily harmed each other from being stuck inside together for so long…).

    1. erin November 12

      thale, thanks! it was a bold move to buy a yellow sofa, but i do love it. we were fortunate that sandy left us unharmed… except being cooped up with each other until we all felt like stale bread.

  2. Ligeia March 8

    I LOVE the yellow sofa and its clean, modern lines, but most of all, I adore the pillow. So cheery and beautiful.

    1. erin March 9

      me too., thanks! that pillow makes me happy.

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