all they want for xmas

i would be fibbing if i told you that i dread the holidays, put off shopping ’til the last minute and just want to curl up with some spiked cocoa and my dog during the season of giving. au contraire! i start thinking about what i’m going to do for the holidays as soon as the pumpkins are out. (i wrote this post in october but waited to post it so you, dear reader, wouldn’t feel like such a slacker.) i love giving themed gifts—items that are practical yet somewhat unique—ideally something the recipient treasures that she would not buy for herself.

lately i’ve been obsessed with all the cool kitchen towels out there on the internets and beyond. some people are so crafty!
these are no ordinary rags. behold:

1. el jardin organic tea towels from rincon road2. farmhouse rooster towels from williams sonoma3. hand-dyed, oversized dish linens adorned with an appliqué of a geographical silhouette by dig this chick4. kitchen towels from zen threads hand printed with eco-friendly ink on natural unbleached cotton.

now i am free to bake and eat for the rest of the month. cheers!

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