wreath madness

my mom came to new york last week for a visit. she is the OC (original crafter) and has been wielding a hot glue gun since i can remember. while we were hanging out shooting the breeze at the dining table, i decided to harness her creative energy for my holiday wreath effort.

yes, we made wreaths. we wrapped yarn and affixed hundreds of glitter balls. and to appease my obsession with all things avian, we added a bird or two. (in cozy little nests of course—we wouldn’t want the little guys to get cold.)

creating hand made treasures is more fun with two. so grab a friend, hit the craft store, and whip up a wreath for yourself this season.

yarn wrapped wreaths

what you need:
wreath base (preferable a material that doesn’t flake when you handle it)
sewing “t” pins
ball of yarn
contrasting yarn or ribbon
bird nest & bird (or whatever your heart desires, or nothing!)
hot glue gun + glue

start by pinning one end of the yarn to the back of the wreath. loop the yarn around the wreath. be sure to overlap the yarn on the inside every three or four loops to make sure your yarn doesn’t start to go on an angle. i cut the yarn into 5 or 6 long pieces as i found that was easier than looping the entire ball of yarn through the wreath. pin the yarn as you go. the entire surface of the wreath base should be covered when you have wrapped the yarn around the whole wreath and arrive back at the starting point.

next, wrap another piece of yarn or ribbon around the wreath in a criss cross or diagonal pattern. secure with pins.

thread a piece of wire through the bottom of the bird nest and twist off on the bottom of the nest. take some of the accent material and hot glue it to the inside of the nest to create a cushion for the bird. then glue your bird into the nest. wrap the wire around the bottom of the wreath and twist several times to secure in place. conceal the wire with the yarn.

lastly, wrap wire around the top to create a hanger for your wreath being sure to hide the wire.

glitter ball wreath

what you need:
styrofoam wreath base (one with a shallow depth)
4 packages of glitter balls in at least three colors and two sizes (can be found at your local craft store) or whatever you wish to put on your wreath
spray paint in the color of the most common element (not necessary if you are using white balls)
hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks

first, spray paint the wreath base with the dominant color of what you will attach to the wreath. (you can see in the photo that i skipped this step and the white styrofoam is peeking through.) be sure to spray from at least a foot away or the spray paint will break down your wreath base.

next, attach a wire hanger to the wreath base by wrapping the wire around the wreath and then making a loop of wire at the back.

start gluing! try to vary the colors and sizes and place orbs as close together as possible. pick one spot to start gluing and work out from there. be sure to affix balls to the sides without breaking the plane of the back of the wreath or it won’t hang flat on the wall.

after the entire surface of the wreath base is covered, begin gluing balls on top of the first layer. depth and height variety is good.


  1. Ligeia November 27

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for showing how simple it is – now I just have to carve out the time to craft. My Mom would LOVE the cardinal wreath. She’s also a bird-lover.

    1. erin November 27

      thanks, ligeia! yes, time… never enough of it.

  2. Ligeia March 8

    Your red cardinal yard wrapped wreath is still on proud display in my Mom’s nursing home room, bringing her a daily dose of color and a viewing of the bird she loves so much. Thank you.

    1. erin March 9

      ligeia, i’m so glad she has enjoyed it. it’s nice to give things i’ve made to people who appreciate them.

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