orange pomanders

you might be asking, “what is a pomander?” a pomander is an orange that is studded with cloves. you can tie a ribbon around the pomander and hang it or place several in a bowl to make a fragrant centerpiece for the table. very festive! once a pomander has dried, you may put it in a dresser drawer or closet to make everything smell wonderful.

step-by-step pomander

what you need:
fresh oranges, washed in warm, soapy water to remove any wax
ribbon of about 1/2 inch thickness
nail or knitting needle
whole cloves

Starting at the top of the orange, wrap a ribbon around the sides of the orange. at the bottom, twist the ribbon on itself and wrap around the other side to create four sections divided equally by the ribbon. there should be enough extra ribbon to tie a bow at the top of a loop for hanging (if desired).

decorate each of the four sections in any way that you like. to insert the cloves, use a nail or knitting needle to punch a hole about 1/4 inch deep and push a whole clove, spike-end first, into the orange. place the next clove as close as possible to the first without the two cloves touching. after you’ve established your pattern, you can punch multiple holes and  place cloves in the orange several in a row. this saves time and also makes it easier to keep lines straight. continue until you finish your design in each quarter.

or, you can just free-form a pattern without any ribbon at all, even filling the entire orange with cloves.

while drying in a cool, dry place, the oranges will shrink. you may need to push the cloves into the orange again a few times while it dries. be sure to rotate your pomander and check for and mold or rotting spots. when dry, the orange should be hard and lightweight.


  1. Ligeia March 8

    My Mom made these when we were kids and I still remember the wonderful perfume of Christmas in the air.

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