v day inspiration

well hello there! long time no see. even with my 13 ways to get creative in 2013, i’m feeling a leetle unmotivated lately. looking for inspiration…

this happy diagonal pattern from my shiny new kate spade bag fires me up:

kate spade-bag pattern

with valentine’s day in the offing, i’ve been searching for love-related materials to get my craft on.

i got some sweethearts for v day:

candy hearts

candy hearts

since when do these hearts come in fun bright colors? what happened to those chalky white sweethearts? can you even buy those anymore? these new colorful sweethearts come in flavors like green apple and lemon. sounds enticing… but they still taste awful. better to craft with you, my dears.

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  1. […] valentine-themed cupcakes to bring to a dinner party. I have been into sweethearts as a source of creative inspiration (see also the sweetheart wreath post), so I added some conversation hearts to top them […]

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