diy valentine’s day sweetheart wreath

i never thought of myself as a wreath person. but i just can’t resist exploring all those wreath ideas floating around, and now this blog is dangerously close to becoming a wreath making how-to. maybe i can make 13 wreaths in 2013. or 39 wreaths in my 39th year. ouch! that second one hurts a bit.

anyhow…i decided to make a valentine’s day wreath with little candy sweethearts (see my v day inspiration post). i’m certainly not a freak about v day. it’s just a day with a pink hearts theme. i can dig that.

sweetheart wreath

what you need:
1. three bags of sweetheart candies
2. wreath base
3. ribbon (be sure to get enough)
4. “t” pins
5. hot glue

start by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath base, making sure to overlap more on the inside than the outside so that the ribbon is even all the way around. you can see that i didn’t have enough of either color ribbon that i started with, and ended up using white ribbon instead, which i had more of. you will need about 8 feet of thinner (1-inch-ish) ribbon and 4 feet of a thicker (2-inch-ish) ribbon.

wreath with ribbon

when your ribbon meets itself again, secure with pins. next, tie a piece of thin ribbon  or string around the thicker ribbon and create a loop at the top to hang your wreath with. begin adding sweethearts close together with hot glue until the entire front surface of the wreath is covered with sweethearts.

wreath with sweethearts

a conversation piece! just don’t try to eat it.

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