fab find: 1950s metal chair

welcome to the first installment of “fab finds,” a segment that features an interesting, cool or downright weird item that i came across and couldn’t pass up.

this debut post features—what else?—a chair! a 1950s vintage metal wrap-around chair. this one is a bit beat up, but i’ve been seeking one of these mid-century lawn chairs since i saw a pair of red ones outside red rooster in missoula nearly a decade ago. (i also saw a pair of pink ones at the brooklyn flea market, but they had already been restored and i like my chairs rusty and old looking—don’t you?)

1950s metal chair

when i have a deck again i’m going to populate it with all different chairs. i think that will look fab!

if i do restore it, i’m not sure what paint color to use—maybe aqua or white. ideas welcome.

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