sticky fingers: decoupage easter eggs

this past week the girls and i traveled to visit the grandparents in carmel, ca for spring break (and brought with us the wreath). carmel is home to clint eastwood, whose former notoriety as town mayor has been overshadowed by his conversation with an empty chair. anyhow, we’ve spent our time soaking, frolicking in the green green hills, and crafting.

decoupage easter eggs

i wanted to try something new with the easter eggs this year. i had high hopes for a multi-generational decoupage easter egg session. turns out, decoupage is harder than it looks. so it was pretty much just me and my 9-year-old gluing bits of tissue paper on eggs. (and in her case, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.)

stella with her decoupage easter egg

the great thing about decoupage is that it looks good even if the artist’s hand is less than a decade old. but it is tricky sticky. even my queen-crafter-mother had trouble.

what you need:
push pin or sewing needle
tissue paper—colored or with patterns that you can cut out and use
glitter (optional)

decoupage easter egg prep

poke a small hole in the narrow end of an egg and a large hole in the other end. put your lips on the small side and blow the egg out of the shell. try not to give yourself an aneurysm in the process. make an omelet—yum! rinse the eggs and let them dry.

blown out eggs

in the meantime, tear strips of tissue paper or cut out designs from the tissue pattern. brush glue onto your egg (i used martha stewart decoupage glue, but elmer’s diluted with a little water works, too). attach the tissue paper randomly or in a pattern and brush more glue on top of the tissue, smoothing it down as your go. add glitter, if desired, and leave to dry on waxed paper.

decoupage polka dot easter egg


  1. Susanne Panasik March 31

    So how did mom like the wreath? Love the eggs, and the instagram of you looking like a pouty poppy. Very cute. How is your school hunting going. Miss you. Happy Easter. xoxoxo S

    1. erin March 31

      i haven’t given it to her yet! happy easter to you. miss you.

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