making for mom (part two)

felted wreath

i got on the plane at laguardia laden with a big, colorful wreath. heavy with anticipation. okay not really about the anticipation part. but i did lug the thing from nyc to carmel, ca to give to my mom during our visit. (read part one of making for mom here if you missed it.)

i enjoyed making this wreath so much that i almost forgot about the giving part. i spent fewer hours veging out on the sofa watching episodes of downton abbey and the walking dead and more time listening to music while snipping felt circles on the dining room table, mixing and mingling colors, playing. it was fun to play.

eco felt circles

i bought eco felt from harts fabric in bright colors and a 36″ metal dowel that was 1/8″ in diameter, which i bent carefully into a circle. i then bent the last 3/8″ of one end of the dowel back on itself with pliers.

green and blue felt

i traced circles from a food storage container and cut out hundreds of pieces of felt. this time ’round i cut the circles of felt a little less carefully than i did for the independence day version. the result is an organic meandering of colors that has a lot of life.

stacks of eco felt

i snipped holes in the centers of the felt circles and threaded them in no particular order on the metal ring.

wreath with felt circles

once the ring was filled with circles (sore hands!), i bent back the other end of the rod and hooked the two ends together.

felted wreath

my mom and i hung the wreath on her wall together. i think she likes it.



  1. Jo April 2

    Nice wreath. Sorry I missed you but I made it to salt lake in time to catch the delayed flight to missoula! Next time.

    1. erin April 2

      thanks, jo. glad you made it home! catch you next time…

  2. Marjorie Prince April 3

    Erin I LOVE this! I’m sure your mom loved it. I was sentimentally stricken with making for mom (part one). I miss you already.

    1. erin April 3

      marjorie, it was great to hang with you in ca. you keep me grounded. xo

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