crowned princess

ever since my girls were small, my mom (aka “mana”) has been making paper crowns for their birthdays. she makes one each year for my niece, too. by now she has created a dozen or so different crowns and is something of an expert in paper crown making. it has become a tradition to receive and wear a paper crown from mana on your special day.

i asked my mom to write a how-to on the paper crown she gave my (big!) little girl on her 7th birthday.
happy b-day lilah!

lilah wearing her 7th birthday crown

birthday crown

what you need:
poster paper
dot glitter paper
sparkle pom poms
3d adhesive foam squares (the small ones)
rainbow ribbon

first she auditioned shapes and sizes cut from newspaper to use as pattern for cutting the crown. here is the pattern she decided to use.

crown pattern

next, she traced the crown shape on poster paper and cut it out. she then cut just the triangle part of the pattern out of the glitter dot paper and stapled it to the blue poster paper along the headband part of the crown.

paper crown base

she glued the glitter dot paper to the poster paper and then glued the rainbow ribbon to the front of the headband, covering the staples. the ribbon is pretty and also reinforces the headband part of the crown.


she affixed the pom poms to the crown points with 3d adhesive foam squares and larger pom pom to the center of the flower (which she cut out with her handy “cricut” machine). lastly, she stuck the flower in the middle of the crown, doubling up the adhesive foam squares to add dimension to the front of the crown.


she ships the crown flat, and i staple it together on my child’s head, ensuring a perfect fit!

here are some past crowns:

lilah’s princess crown (age 3)

stella's third birthday crownstella at age 3. this is the first crown mana made!

lilah on her fourth birthday

mana made a special crown for adair’s best buddy “opc” (octopus)


  1. Joellen Shannon April 18

    Beautiful. I love these.

  2. Jodi Johnson April 18

    What a great tradition!

  3. Ligeia April 19

    I want to wear these crowns every day. They are spectacular!!

  4. Marjorie Prince April 21

    This is a great posting. I am going to do one with Vaughn.

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