fab find: 1960s bathing suit

the manhattan vintage clothing show held lots of treasures this spring. i saw several one-piece rompers and modest mid-century bathing suits as well as troves of red, white and blue pieces. even though it’s still chilly in nyc, everyone is gearing up for barbecues, hot nights and summer in the hamptons (or for the less fortunate, at their over-crowded neighborhood pool).

structured bathing suits from the 1950s and ’60s attracted me at every turn. but the changing room at the manhattan vintage show is communal and busy and i wasn’t up for all that exposure. plus, ladies were littler in the 1960s, and i didn’t want to try to squeeze myself into a sausage suit. but in the end, i decided to try on a couple of the cutest rompers and bathing suits that looked like they would fit and were also in good shape. and i found this three-piece number:

fabu, right? my 9-year-old made fun of me for saying “fabu,” but i can’t think of a better word to describe this set. it was missing a button on the inside (an easy fix) but the tags were still on it! retail price in the late 1960s: $38.

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