royal sleep


every day I get out of bed feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. every day i try to iron myself out at the gym or in pilates class or whatever way possible. i have decided that i will train myself to sleep on my back. and this will solve all my problems.

you see, i like to cocoon at night. i sleep on my belly (aka “prone” position), blanket up around my ears, shoulders crunched forward, head jacked to one side. it’s not a good position to hold for eight hours. there is no design making, no treasure seeking, no vintage clothing shopping when i feel like a discarded chewing gum wrapper in the morning. something must change.

so i begin my challenge to be a back (aka “royal”) sleeper and gain wealth and fame once i accomplish this. or maybe i’ll just wake up with a happier body. i couldn’t find any actual evidence that back sleepers are more successful—though i did read that people who sleep in this “royal” position have higher self confidence—but i’m convinced that someone just needs to conduct that research.

are you a starfish, fetal, or royal position sleeper? tell me how you sleep!


  1. Mom May 17

    More evidence that we are related, closely? Your sleeping position sounds exactly like mine was for many years. I changed it out of necessity when pregnant and later when I was suffering back pain. It feels weird to sleep on your back at first, but doesn’t take long to change from front to back. I hope it helps you to feel better. I, for one, feel more “royal” already.

    1. erin May 18

      thanks, mom. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  2. Jo May 17

    Fetal! Sometimes on my back on a thermarest but that’s only because I am flopping all around. I feel good most mornings, but my neck gets jacked sometimes. Xo

  3. Ligeia June 10

    I flip flop around all night, and wake up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. When I was younger, I slept the sleep of the dead. I woke up rested, energetic and alive. Those days are long gone. My mother-in-law sleeps on her back – she trained herself to do it because she always has her hair done and it stays longer if she stays on her back and doesn’t move. She said it only took about two years to train herself. Good luck.

    1. erin June 10

      ligeia, i’m finding it challenging to sleep on my back, but am feeling better just sleeping on my side. when i was young i slept like the dead, too. the boys who threw rocks at my window in the middle of the night had to wake my sister instead to get me up.

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