it’s just (summer) entertaining

’tis the season. no, not that season. outdoor entertaining season! with summer in full swing, i am thinking about backyard barbecues, the pulsing glow of fireflies, and sharing stories and laughter with friends.

i love to throw a party on the 4th of july. summer food is easy—watermelon, grilled meats and veggies, and flag cake are usually on the menu for our nation’s independence day holiday.

here are some necessities for this year’s celebration:


1. vintage cocktail shaker on etsy 2. george washington serving set by jonathan adler. 3. dolce & gabbana cat eye shades in red, white and blue. 4. ward off those pesky flying and stinging bugs with a citronella candle. 5. patriotic wine charms 6. patriotic pinwheel. 6. vintage bar carts are all the rage right now. 7. retro dairy queen glasses on etsy.

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