being 40

me in my paper crown

some say as you age you get older, wiser, and more elegant. of those things, I just feel older. one thing i do have now that i didn’t have as a young person is tact. but since that was missing entirely from my skill set in the past, it’s small consolation that i have a little more than before.

a few things i like about aging:
1. i am mellower.
2. i am still just as judgmental as i was at 20, but the judgement is better.
3. i am really good at my job.
4. my kids are not babies.
(yes, there are ladies who are having their first child at 40, but not me thanks to modern science.)

that’s really all i can think of at the moment. i could reveal lots of sad, pathetic things i don’t like about aging, such as finding two dark mustache hairs on birthday morning amid my peach fuzz—a gift! but that would be very boring.

i am lucky to have kind, beautiful, talented people in my life. i admire and respect my lady friends who, like me, struggle to meet their own ideal of themselves. and i also have a mom who will make me a paper crown for my 40th birthday, which feels pretty sweet.

i wonder, what will i do in the years ahead? i’d like to be a gardener. or a lifeguard. or a surfer. okay, it might be too late for that last one. but a girl can dream!

some say 30 was the worst for them. others says 50 really hit hard. what was your best or worst milestone birthday?

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