the charming cloche

glass cloches at restoration hardware

lately i have been a little obsessed with cloches—lovely domes of glass, both new and vintage, protecting treasures of all sizes. delicate and pretty, a cloche captures the focus of a room and elevates its contents—be it plant, bird’s nest, edible arrangement or anything you desire to house within the thin, clear glass bell—to installation status.

the word cloche is derived from the french word for bell. the french developed the glass cloche, or bell jar, formed of a solid piece of glass shaped like a dome, to protect an early garden plant from bleak cold and frost. this would hasten their crops to maturity.

the amazing thing is how many vintage cloches still exist, considering how delicate and easily broken they are. to my delight i see them everywhere!

vintage cloches on etsy

cloches at the montana antique mall

vintage cloches on etsy

photos (from top): cloches from restoration hardware; vintage cloches on etsy; a few cloches at the montana antique mall; vintage cloches on etsy.

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  1. Jennifer July 18

    Thank you so much for featuring our cloches! What an honor!

    22 Bay Road

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