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hen I started writing this blog, I took it on faith that I would continue to have something to write about. At least once a week (okay, almost once a week). There is some debate in the blogosphere (and on Alt) about the difference between curating and creating content. And the value of each. A lot of what I see in other blogs is curating. Beautiful, stunning curation with top-notch photography and elegantly styled shoots, but curating work the blogger found elsewhere nonetheless. Creating content involves dreaming up stories and also writing. Go figure.

Writing exposes your nerves, what’s inside of you. As a graphic designer I’m committed to but somewhat detached from my work. I welcome criticism. I think that’s because I have confidence I’m a good designer. I know what I’m doing. Writing is my insecure place.

In the beginning I wanted to convey, hey, I don’t take myself too seriously. I think you know, dear reader, that I am humbled and amazed that my blog interests you. So I’m making it a bit easier to follow by including proper capitalization (except in story titles…  a nod to my insecurities). hooray! Oops. I mean. Hooray!

Read on, loyal treasure seeker.

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  1. Ligeia August 19

    Love this. Your posts keep getting better, and I love your writing.

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