Shoe Organization How-To

It’s been about a year since I wrote about organizing my shoes. With the recent closet cleanout, and my teeny weeny footwear obsession, the shoes in my closet have changed. Time to reshoot my shoes and organize the boxes for easy identification.

shoe boxes in the closet

At the risk of repeating previous topics, I’m including a how-to for shooting and organizing footwear. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how transformative this will be for your closet. What I’m trying to say is that your life will be better and you will have more fun.

how to photograph shoes

Step-by-step footwear organization.

1. Start by setting up the shoot. Pick a clean, bright space with lots of light. Place shoes on a stool or table—off the floor if possible.

2. Shoot each of your lovely pairs of shoes with a digital camera (or your iPhone if you must).

3. Upload photos to a computer with a printer and print out in 4 x 6 format.

4. Affix each photo to its respective shoe box with tape. (I’ve tried using double-sided tape squares but they don’t hold on shoe boxes very well. Regular tape folded on itself works much better.)

5. Experience footwear selection bliss!

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