keeping it light

So much has been going on in life right now. One kid with a broken arm, the other one (and me) getting the flu, and fighting with a stressed-out spouse have kept me close to home the past few weeks.

This season, my theme is lightness. Light in spirit, heavy on love. I remind myself daily to keep it easy. Don’t get worked up about shit. A slower pace allows more time to think. And make stuff!

An idea for a holiday table centerpiece has been percolating in my brain. It started with a painted white tail deer antler. The antler makes a sweet curve and I wanted to wrap it around something.

white tail deer antler painted gold

I added a candle and little doe and buck figures, and set it upon moss. I like the juxtaposition of the big antler and tiny deer couple.

deer installation

I felt the whole thing needed a base, so I found tree cross sections for the installations to sit on.

deer antler installation with owl and hare

I even made one for myself!

deer antler installation with elk buck and doe

When the season is over and it’s time for a change, the scene can be deconstructed and repurposed. The tree cross sections are great for serving hors d’oeuvres and also make a nice perch for a house plant. The moss looks pretty atop the soil of a potted plant, and the kids can play with the animal figures. The “flameless” candle is a perfect night light for a child’s room.

deer antler installation with elk buck and doe

May your holiday be light!


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