deer antler jewelry organizer

I’ve come across some beautiful and inspiring painted deer antlers at flea markets and on etsy. Most of the antlers I see are sold as tabletop art. Being a utilitarian girl, and also generally averse to clutter, I look for innovative uses for everyday (and not-so-everyday) objects. It occurred to me a mounted deer antler, while looking fantastic on a wall, would also be perfect for holding jewelry. The tines are ideal finger widths for rings, and it’s easy to slip necklaces and bracelets on them for open-air viewing.

While working on the painted deer antler project, I toured the hardware store aisles in search of mounting hardware and ways to make these stunning pieces of art functional to organize and display my jewelry.

I’ve been into copper as an accent color for the antlers. I love how the metallic paint juxtaposes with the woody quality of the natural antler texture. I selected this antler that I painted:


And mounted it on the wall using copper plumbing brackets and screws.

Painted Deer Antler Mounted on the Wall

Here’s how it looks now:


Painted Deer Antler mounted on the wall with a copper bracket

Painted Deer Antler with my Jewelry

I am fresh out of deer sheds to paint at the moment, but am hoping to collect more during this summer’s Montana visit.

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