circus act

I don’t love the circus. Okay, I don’t love seeing the animals in the circus (sad!). But I do love the big top, the clowns and bright marquee lights announcing the show. I am inspired lately by primary colors, bright red lips and exaggerated proportions.

And I’m not the only one. Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley’s collection for fall 2014 was circus inspired; her surreal show included a video projection of a knife-thrower on the stage. Lesser-known designer Gita Omri also unveiled a subtler, circus-inspired show at New York Fashion Week.

Here are a few of my favorite circus-y things:

a collection of circus-inspired objects and fashion

1. My own felt “circus” wreath. 2. Circo Rouge ring by OLDgOLD Boutique. 3/4. Looks from Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2014 Collection (credit: IMAXtree) 5. Chloé yellow jumpsuit. 6. Remember Animal Crackers? I used to eat the broken ones first and play with the intact menagerie before munching them all. 7. Circus wrapping paper by Wrap.


  1. joellen April 7

    you are so fashion forward and hip. love you and your taste. miss your graphic design help!

    1. erin vito April 7

      miss you too, Jo! Yours, erin

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