“They want to eat pizza,” my man calls after a session at the batting cage with the girls. “They are begging me.”

“Go ahead.” I tell him. “I’m totally nesting and shit.”

What is it, this nesting? For me, it’s finding, collecting, creating and adding shiny and lovely things to my nest. Rearranging, and making everything neat and tidy. And happy to look at.

Some females I know don’t really have the nesting instinct. Their homes are either decorated by their husbands or a sporadic collection of handed-down couches from their parents, college books on oak shelves, and kids’ toys, along with high-end playthings for the adults and a decent collection of cookware. That’s okay, too. The home is an evolution, a history of your time on earth. Your home speaks to who you are.

I am a total nester. I bake, sort, clean out, decorate, craft and sew (a teensy tiny bit). I’ve always been this way. In elementary school, I selected and hung outfits for the first week of school in order in my closet. Later, I organized my closet by clothing type and subcategorized by color. I rearranged my bedroom a couple of times a year. In my 20s, when I lived alone, my apartment was super minimal. My records and turntables, a sofa, a coffee table and my bike were all I needed.

I haven’t blogged in a while. Fall is a busy time work-wise. And I really haven’t been into writing. I’m more of a doer than a writer. Writing sometimes feels like a chore. There are so many other things I’d rather accomplish! As the holidays are upon us, work has slowed down, allowing time for reflection…

Homemade dog biscuits

and dog biscuit-making…


and gingerbread house building.

This holiday season, let your nesting spirit fly!


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  1. Mom December 23

    Erin, I love this blog. Go nesters! Those gingerbread houses are a treat to behold and I know the girls loved making them. Maybe your nesting desire originates from a combination of your being a Cancer and your DNA. Since I share both with you I fully get your satisfaction in nesting.

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