easter egg tree

Happy Easter!

glitter egg

I made glitter eggs in anticipation of the Easter holiday. I considered the best way to display these sparkly puppies… a cylindrical glass vase or a low-rimmed bowl would work. But I was inspired by a friend’s “egg tree” and decided that was definitely the way to go.


If you’re hanging around feeling jittery after eating your kid’s Easter booty and need an outlet for your sugar buzz, channel that energy into creating your own egg tree using decorated hollow eggs.

Easter Egg Tree Branch

Cut a budding branch off a tree and put it in a vase surrounded by rocks to keep it stable. (If you are taking a branch from a neighbor’s tree, do it under the cover of night so you don’t get caught stealing.)

Yellow chevron glitter easter egg

Use a long beading needle to pull embroidery thread through your hollow, decorated egg.

Threaded Chevron Glitter Egg

Start with the smaller hole unless you want to go insane trying to get the needle through the other end.

Threaded Chevron Glitter Egg

Tie a bead, twig, or other small object onto the thread on the side with the larger hole. Add another bead or decoration on the pointier end, if you like.

Threaded Chevron Glitter Egg

Hang small-side up on your branch. You can admire your egg tree while finishing off that chocolate bunny!

Easter Egg Tree

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