egg shell herb starts

Egg Shell Herb Starts

While it has been a warm winter and early spring out west, in the northeast we’ve suffered a cold, long winter. But the sun is finally shining and the birds are singing their sweet songs.

Hello, Spring!

Now that temps are consistently above 40 degrees and the fear of frost is over, it’s time to plant outdoors. I’m not much of a gardener, but I like to grow herbs so that I can clip fresh basil, parsley and rosemary any time I need them.

Starting seeds indoors allows you to get a jumpstart on the season. You can plant inside weeks before it’s warm enough for seeds to germinate outside. Also, growing from seed costs almost nothing—especially when you use empty egg shells! You can use any herb seeds you like, and even wheatgrass, which looks super cool.

Wheat Grass egg shells by Gardenista:

Wheat Grass Egg Shells by Gardenista

Hilarious google-eye egg shell plants from REALfarmacy would make a fun kid craft:

Google-eye Egg Shell Plants

This succulent garden from Roy Joy is just beautiful:


Egg shell herb starts also make a sweet gift. Bring a half-doz to a friend’s dinner party and you will be served from the top shelf, guaranteed!

Once the sprouts have grown a few inches, they are ready to transfer to the outdoors. Simply crush the bottom of the shell (gently, gently) and plant in the soil. The rest of the egg shell will break down and is actually good for the plants. As they decompose, eggshells act like a natural fertilizer, providing plants with valuable nutrients.

Egg Shell Herb Starts

Step 1: With a dull knife, score eggs 1/3 of the way down from the pointier end. Remove the smaller portion of the shell and keep the larger side. Make something delicious! This can be done over several days or weeks; just leave the empty shells in the carton.

Egg Shell Herb Starts

Step 2: Fill shells with potting soil and poke herb seeds about 1/4″ down in the dirt.

Basil seeds in egg shells

Step 3: Pour water into shells and place cartons near a window where they will get plenty of sunlight.

Egg Shell Herb Starts

Step 4: Wait one to two weeks for herbs to grow. Thin to one plant per shell, if necessary.

Egg Shell Herbs

Step 5: Plant herbs in your garden or give herb starts to friends!

Egg Shell Herbs



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