I recently returned from a graphic design conference in New Orleans.

What a gritty, smelly, inspiring, beautiful city! And people are super friendly. I’m so glad I got a chance to go there.

Old meets new in New Orleans—in architecture, tourism and music. My favorite places were the Little Flea Nola, Magazine Street, the cemeteries, Cochon Restaurant and Mardi Gras World. Oh, and the AIGA Graphic Design Conference was pretty good, too!

If you get a chance, go to New Orleans. For the music, the food and your soul.

I traveled light and didn’t bring my camera, but I captured some images from New Orleans with my iPhone:

New Orleans

New Orleans Cemetery

New Orleans

New Orleans  Franklin Printing Company

Mardi Gras World

AIGA Conference Roundtable

See, I went to the conference, too! Last photo by New Orleans photographer Frank Aymami.

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  1. Ligeia March 8

    Great shots Erin, I want to go back!

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