happy spring

Easter Egg Tree

Newly-vaccinated, my parents came for a visit after more than a year of no travel. They had planned to visit Boulder for spring break last year, but cancelled due to a new virus sweeping across the world. My folks flew in amid a brewing storm, arriving just in time for giant flakes to start falling, coating the flatirons in a dusting of white. March is the wettest month in Boulder, and this year broke no rules. Heavy, wet snow sat on tree limbs, leaving scattered and broken branches around the neighborhood.

My mom is always up for a craft. We decided to make a little Easter installation, an ode to spring. We ventured out in the cold afternoon and collected broken limbs to hang decorated eggs from. I love a bare, gray branch, stoic and waiting for its time to bloom. And the sparkly, colorful eggs contrast brightly against the bare twigs. (See the how-to on Glitter Easter Eggs here.)

Spring equals excitement and anticipation. I want to get out and clean the yard, but I have to wait until the snow has melted and the ground firms up. It’s so ugly, all brown and soggy. But the idea of the color and joy that will come gives me goosebumps. I have to make do growing things indoors. Soon I will be able to go outside and tidy the yard. Until then, I’ll admire the shiny Easter eggs and dream of renewal.

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  1. Sarah Peirce April 4

    Well done! Glad I was there to participate in this one.

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