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I recently returned from a graphic design conference in New Orleans.

What a gritty, smelly, inspiring, beautiful city! And people are super friendly. I’m so glad I got a chance to go there.

Old meets new in New Orleans—in architecture, tourism and music. My favorite places were the Little Flea Nola, Magazine Street, the cemeteries, Cochon Restaurant and Mardi Gras World. Oh, and the AIGA Graphic Design Conference was pretty good, too!

If you get a chance, go to New Orleans. For the music, the food and your soul.

I traveled light and didn’t bring my camera, but I captured some images from New Orleans with my iPhone:

New Orleans

New Orleans Cemetery

New Orleans

New Orleans  Franklin Printing Company

Mardi Gras World

AIGA Conference Roundtable

See, I went to the conference, too! Last photo by New Orleans photographer Frank Aymami.

1970s Counter Stools

I am super excited to have these vintage stools at my kitchen counter. A friend gave me a pair of old 1970s stools during an ambitious house clean-out. I’m normally not a ’70s person, veering toward the more minimalist aesthetic of the 1960s. But I really like the design of these stools; they are comfortable while not {READ MORE}

Best Antiques in Missoula

Small towns in the United States tend to have great vintage goods for reasonable prices. And Missoula, Montana is no exception. A visit to Missoula is not complete until the local antiques stores have been thoroughly perused and the best treasures have been snatched up. One of the reasons I like to buy antiques is that older things are generally made out {READ MORE}

Oh, Missoula!

We arrived in Missoula, Montana for the summer awakening this year. Flying in at midnight, the girls and I felt a chill in the air and a barely perceptible mist, rare for the dry climate. By the time our man arrived a few days later the thermostat had risen to 90. I quickly caught up with my friends’ sandal-tanned feet {READ MORE}

vintage metal outdoor chair redux

Remember this chair? You know, the one I bought with grand ideas of refurbishing it myself? Yeah, that chair. After scraping the flaky paint and rust spots off as best I could with a wire brush, I wondered if this was a job I could accomplish myself. There was a lot of rust still on the chair, and {READ MORE}

vintage metal display letters

I have long dreamt of having a large-scale type installation in my home. Imagine a giant, white wall covered with vintage letters of varying size and fonts. Fantastic! Image: Reclaimed It makes a statement to visually define a space with type, spelling out words with the metal letters. I am especially fond of the “drugs” sign below. {READ MORE}

deer antler jewelry organizer

I’ve come across some beautiful and inspiring painted deer antlers at flea markets and on etsy. Most of the antlers I see are sold as tabletop art. Being a utilitarian girl, and also generally averse to clutter, I look for innovative uses for everyday (and not-so-everyday) objects. It occurred to me a mounted deer antler, {READ MORE}

pie fun(nel)

One of the best gifts I received for Xmas this year was from a dear friend who presented me with a pie funnel. What is a pie funnel? you might ask. Well, it’s a kitchen gadget worth owning, that’s what. Pie funnels, also referred to as pie birds, are a time-honored baker’s tool that have helped create {READ MORE}

LIC Flea & Food

Finally, a flea market à la Brooklyn Flea in my very own hood! Queens is not the hippest area of NYC, but the advent of this market in Long Island City is evidence that this borough’s hipness quotient is increasing. I visited the LIC Flea & Food when it first opened in its Long Island City location—a {READ MORE}

beacon, new york

The hipster hangout for those wanting city coolness without the city, Beacon, New York offers art lovers and foodies plenty to choose from. About 80 miles north of NYC and accessible via Metro North, Beacon is an easy weekend get-away for New York City residents. My pre-travel research revealed glowing reviews of local restaurants, galleries and {READ MORE}