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(gift)wrapped up

Each holiday season I brainstorm ideas for Christmas gift wrapping. A few years ago I wrapped gifts using kraft paper and stamps, which was tactile and festive. This year, I’m not sure yet what I’ll do. I’ve been collecting pine cones and evergreen twigs… maybe something will materialize out of them.

I’ve seen many cool and beautiful wrapping ideas recently, including lots of glitter and gold.

Lia Griffith Gold-Tipped Feathers
Gold-tipped feathers by Lia Griffith

Christmas ‘Chalkboard‘ Wrapping by Going Home to Roost
Christmas ‘Chalkboard’ gift packaging by Going Home to Roost
(I think this would look sweet using a gold pen, too!)

Glitter Dipped Gift Tags by the Thinking ClosetGlitter Dipped Gift Tags by the Thinking Closet

I also obsess over finding quality paper for wrapping gifts. Run-of-the-mill wrapping paper is useless. I’m infuriated by cheap wrapping paper that rips when you cut it and, worse yet, is so thin it reveals the gift through the paper! I’m really into reindeer this year. Flying creatures are, as usual, a close second.

Here are my favorite wrapping paper offerings for the 2015 season (many by small, independent printers and stationers):

Snow and Graham Wrapping PaperSnow and Graham wrapping papers: Igloo and Reindeers

Smock Berries and Wagons wrapping paper
Double-sided Berries and Wagon kraft wrapping paper by Smock

On The Slopes wrapping paper by Wrap

Holiday wrapping paper by Smudge Ink
Chickadees (I can hear them singing, “cheeseburger, cheeseburger.”)
and Holiday Bicycles gift wrap by Smudge Ink

Wrap-twigsandberriesTwigs and Berries paper by Wrap

Let the Merry Making begin!


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The Uninspired Designer

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vintage metal display letters

I have long dreamt of having a large-scale type installation in my home. Imagine a giant, white wall covered with vintage letters of varying size and fonts. Fantastic! Image: Reclaimed It makes a statement to visually define a space with type, spelling out words with the metal letters. I am especially fond of the “drugs” sign below. {READ MORE}

circus act

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upcycled picture frames

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crowned princess

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calendar give-away

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wrap it up

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calendar swap

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