holiday treasures

(gift)wrapped up

Each holiday season I brainstorm ideas for Christmas gift wrapping. A few years ago I wrapped gifts using kraft paper and stamps, which was tactile and festive. This year, I’m not sure yet what I’ll do. I’ve been collecting pine cones and evergreen twigs… maybe something will materialize out of them.

I’ve seen many cool and beautiful wrapping ideas recently, including lots of glitter and gold.

Lia Griffith Gold-Tipped Feathers
Gold-tipped feathers by Lia Griffith

Christmas ‘Chalkboard‘ Wrapping by Going Home to Roost
Christmas ‘Chalkboard’ gift packaging by Going Home to Roost
(I think this would look sweet using a gold pen, too!)

Glitter Dipped Gift Tags by the Thinking ClosetGlitter Dipped Gift Tags by the Thinking Closet

I also obsess over finding quality paper for wrapping gifts. Run-of-the-mill wrapping paper is useless. I’m infuriated by cheap wrapping paper that rips when you cut it and, worse yet, is so thin it reveals the gift through the paper! I’m really into reindeer this year. Flying creatures are, as usual, a close second.

Here are my favorite wrapping paper offerings for the 2015 season (many by small, independent printers and stationers):

Snow and Graham Wrapping PaperSnow and Graham wrapping papers: Igloo and Reindeers

Smock Berries and Wagons wrapping paper
Double-sided Berries and Wagon kraft wrapping paper by Smock

On The Slopes wrapping paper by Wrap

Holiday wrapping paper by Smudge Ink
Chickadees (I can hear them singing, “cheeseburger, cheeseburger.”)
and Holiday Bicycles gift wrap by Smudge Ink

Wrap-twigsandberriesTwigs and Berries paper by Wrap

Let the Merry Making begin!

easter egg tree

Happy Easter! I made glitter eggs in anticipation of the Easter holiday. I considered the best way to display these sparkly puppies… a cylindrical glass vase or a low-rimmed bowl would work. But I was inspired by a friend’s “egg tree” and decided that was definitely the way to go. If you’re hanging around feeling jittery after eating your kid’s {READ MORE}

glitter easter eggs

Our Easter tradition is to visit my family in California. Northern California is spectacular in the spring. The verdant hills glow with new growth and smell like luscious damp dew in the mornings. The temperature (low 70s) feels perfect. And I don’t have to cook anything while there except egg salad for Easter lunch. Yum! My girls and I haven’t {READ MORE}

wreath evolution

Growing up, my mom had a little cave-like space off the garage that she used to create wreaths and sprays (non-circular wreaths, basically). She spent hours at a time messing around with dried plants, her clippers, metal wire and a hot glue gun. My mom and a couple of lady friends would put on an annual holiday “boutique” {READ MORE}


My New Year’s resolution is to wash my face every night. Just kidding. My New Year’s resolution is to be brave. I don’t mean cliff diving/rock climbing/swimming with sharks brave; I mean internally brave. Vulnerable. Living in NYC has made my outer shell even more thick and crusty than before. This place hardens you to the {READ MORE}

copper foiled watercolor easter eggs

When I began this Easter egg project I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Initially, I considered creating pattens with the copper leaf on the eggs by taping off a design and then removing the tape after foiling, thereby revealing the pattern in the white shell underneath. But applying metallic foil is delicate work, {READ MORE}

valentine’s day cupcakes repost

Recently i was daydreaming about frosting and how beautiful it is when the food coloring is mixing in, before it’s fully incorporated. I wanted to try to recreate that as a finished look. So I made some valentine-themed cupcakes to bring to a dinner party. I have been into sweethearts as a source of creative inspiration (see also {READ MORE}

keeping it light

So much has been going on in life right now. One kid with a broken arm, the other one (and me) getting the flu, and fighting with a stressed-out spouse have kept me close to home the past few weeks. This season, my theme is lightness. Light in spirit, heavy on love. I remind myself daily {READ MORE}

painted deer antlers

Recently I saw painted deer antlers at the Brooklyn Flea Market. I think they look fantastic! So during my Montana visit I decided to pick up a few antlers and try painting them myself. Male deer shed their antlers every year starting around January, and grow new antlers in the spring. The antlers start out fuzzy {READ MORE}