holiday treasures

it’s just (summer) entertaining

’tis the season. no, not that season. outdoor entertaining season! with summer in full swing, i am thinking about backyard barbecues, the pulsing glow of fireflies, and sharing stories and laughter with friends.

i love to throw a party on the 4th of july. summer food is easy—watermelon, grilled meats and veggies, and flag cake are usually on the menu for our nation’s independence day holiday.

here are some necessities for this year’s celebration:


1. vintage cocktail shaker on etsy 2. george washington serving set by jonathan adler. 3. dolce & gabbana cat eye shades in red, white and blue. 4. ward off those pesky flying and stinging bugs with a citronella candle. 5. patriotic wine charms 6. patriotic pinwheel. 6. vintage bar carts are all the rage right now. 7. retro dairy queen glasses on etsy.

crowned princess

ever since my girls were small, my mom (aka “mana”) has been making paper crowns for their birthdays. she makes one each year for my niece, too. by now she has created a dozen or so different crowns and is something of an expert in paper crown making. it has become a tradition to receive and wear {READ MORE}

sticky fingers: decoupage easter eggs

this past week the girls and i traveled to visit the grandparents in carmel, ca for spring break (and brought with us the wreath). carmel is home to clint eastwood, whose former notoriety as town mayor has been overshadowed by his conversation with an empty chair. anyhow, we’ve spent our time soaking, frolicking in the green green {READ MORE}

valentine’s day cupcakes for your sweetheart

recently i was daydreaming about frosting and how beautiful it is when the food coloring is mixing in, before it’s fully incorporated. i wanted to try to recreate that as a finished look. so i made some valentine-themed cupcakes to bring to a dinner party. this year i have been into sweethearts as a source of creative inspiration. {READ MORE}

diy valentine’s day sweetheart wreath

i never thought of myself as a wreath person. but i just can’t resist exploring all those wreath ideas floating around, and now this blog is dangerously close to becoming a wreath making how-to. maybe i can make 13 wreaths in 2013. or 39 wreaths in my 39th year. ouch! that second one hurts a {READ MORE}

v day inspiration

well hello there! long time no see. even with my 13 ways to get creative in 2013, i’m feeling a leetle unmotivated lately. looking for inspiration… this happy diagonal pattern from my shiny new kate spade bag fires me up: with valentine’s day in the offing, i’ve been searching for love-related materials to get my {READ MORE}

wrap it up

all the cheap, thin wrapping paper out there makes me sad. the patterns don’t repeat cleanly, it tears when you try to cut it, and you can see the gift through the paper. enough already! this year, i ordered a huge roll of kraft paper (i heart kraft paper, for realz). then, i stamped messages {READ MORE}

orange pomanders

you might be asking, “what is a pomander?” a pomander is an orange that is studded with cloves. you can tie a ribbon around the pomander and hang it or place several in a bowl to make a fragrant centerpiece for the table. very festive! once a pomander has dried, you may put it in {READ MORE}

holiday tea time

tea and tea accessories make splendid holiday gifts. tea is a pick-me-up and a hand warmer on cold winter days. and the few minutes it takes to brew a cup give you a break from work to read the headlines or peruse your instagram feed. some say tea tastes best when sipped from fine china. {READ MORE}

wreath madness

my mom came to new york last week for a visit. she is the OC (original crafter) and has been wielding a hot glue gun since i can remember. while we were hanging out shooting the breeze at the dining table, i decided to harness her creative energy for my holiday wreath effort. yes, we {READ MORE}