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Making the White House Gold (Again)

Melania and Donald will be moving into the White House soon.

Let that sink in for a moment…

We all know Trump loves gold, both figuratively and literally. (When you really think about it, who doesn’t?) Here are a few pics from Melania and Donald’s Manhattan penthouse:

Trump Penthouse in Manhattan

The White House does have some bling to it too:

But I think the incoming first family can add even more bezazzle (is that a word?) to the domicile of the president. Don’t you?

In honor of the Trump family’s forthcoming move to the White House, I decided to go gold myself. Since we’re all going to be rich really soon, we might as well act like it! I use a step stool to access the treasure trove of shoes in the upper shelves of my closet. I’ve had this step ladder for many years and through a few moves, too. It has served me well and deserved a sprucing up. Just like the White House!

Gold step ladder in my closetGold step ladder in my closet Gold step ladder in my closet

Well that’s not quite accurate, because the White House has never been gold. But as we learned from the 2016 election, there’s a first time for everything. The White House is not lacking in gaudy and ostentatious décor. But I know Melania can do better. Maybe a mural of the Donald and his court of buffoons on the ceiling? How about a bust of a gilded pussy that he can grab whenever the urge strikes? That’s just what the Oval Office needs right now, I think.



Oh, Missoula!

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deer antler jewelry organizer

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Shoe Organization How-To

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I hate it when I buy clothes that I don’t wear, or even let food go bad before eating it. I dislike wasting. And yet, I love surrounding myself with objects that make my my eyes smile. I enjoy acquiring treasures. In many ways the blogging culture that has erupted encourages consumerism. It’s like everyone {READ MORE}

royal sleep

every day I get out of bed feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. every day i try to iron myself out at the gym or in pilates class or whatever way possible. i have decided that i will train myself to sleep on my back. and this will solve all my problems. you {READ MORE}

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shoe project done!

turns out i’m an equal opportunity shoe lover (except the cheap variety). photographing my shoes led me to evaluate whether each pair is current and in good condition. i’ll admit that a few are a little scuffed, but i’m not ready to part with them yet. step-by-step shoe box photo labeling: 1. photograph your shoes. choose {READ MORE}

fall closet cleanout

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