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travel: fantasy vs. reality

we all have ideas about how we want to live our lives. but actualizing the picture of the kind of life we want can be… challenging. sometimes the vision of how we hope to be in the world and the reality of our lives don’t come together neatly. okay, they almost never come together neatly.

i like to travel. and i want my kids to check out what’s happening and how people live in different places. we’ve traveled domestically so far (my girls don’t even have passports yet), and have been to more than half the united states, including driving across the country when we moved to new york city two years ago.

missoula antique mall

this summer, we planned a month-long vacation to missoula, montana, our home for six years and my younger daughter’s birth place. sounds great, right? well, i was fried before we even left for laguardia airport. (finish work, leave the guinea pigs in the care of friends, clean out the fridge, do the laundry, pack, referee the fighting for the three days of summer vacation we had before leaving, etc.) i wondered to myself, could this be worth it?

and then this happens: we are basically ready to fly out the next day. all packed, errands run, work projects completed. so the three of us go to see monsters u. after the movie, i’m paying for parking, and the girls are running around like crazy people. next thing i know, wham! the 7-year-old is laid out on the ground after hitting an opening door. skin split through the eyebrow like a boxer. home, then to the emergency room for a three hour wait for stitches. by the time we return home, it’s four hours until we have to get up to make our 6am flight.

but now, here we are. soaking up every bit of the sweet montana summer day. i don’t know whether or not it’s worth it, but i know it’s fun.

being 40

some say as you age you get older, wiser, and more elegant. of those things, I just feel older. one thing i do have now that i didn’t have as a young person is tact. but since that was missing entirely from my skill set in the past, it’s small consolation that i have a {READ MORE}

treasure seeking is 1!

one year ago today i published my first blog post about the brooklyn flea market. the time has flown by! during this first year i have learned a lot about blogging, and there is still so much to figure out! but i am enjoying discovering my voice and learning organically what works and what doesn’t. most of all, {READ MORE}

royal sleep

every day I get out of bed feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. every day i try to iron myself out at the gym or in pilates class or whatever way possible. i have decided that i will train myself to sleep on my back. and this will solve all my problems. you {READ MORE}

making for mom (part two)

i got on the plane at laguardia laden with a big, colorful wreath. heavy with anticipation. okay not really about the anticipation part. but i did lug the thing from nyc to carmel, ca to give to my mom during our visit. (read part one of making for mom here if you missed it.) i {READ MORE}

lighting your eyes will love

as much as i enjoy winter activities, no matter where i live spring doesn’t come early enough. i have been hiding in my hobbit hole for weeks. the spring bulbs are peeking through the earth without any upward movement. they need a blast of warm weather and sunshine before they will give my eyes some {READ MORE}

making for mom (part one)

my mom has amazing taste. every place you look in her home you see interesting eye candy. she has a lot of treasures, this lady. i remember a three foot leather camel next to the fireplace growing up (weird but cool). she has little installations all over the house. i love it. here we are {READ MORE}

freezing friday: is it spring yet?

i am so ready for sandal season! i even went out and bought myself a strappy lil’ pair of lovelies that i’m dying to put on my feet. but it’s downright chilly in nyc right now. so i’ll keep wearing the woolens for a bit longer. until then, here’s what i’ve been keeping warm with this {READ MORE}

v day inspiration

well hello there! long time no see. even with my 13 ways to get creative in 2013, i’m feeling a leetle unmotivated lately. looking for inspiration… this happy diagonal pattern from my shiny new kate spade bag fires me up: with valentine’s day in the offing, i’ve been searching for love-related materials to get my {READ MORE}