No. 299

no. 299 sale

about 60 miles north of nyc lives a lady with great taste. and she’s willing to share her discerning eye and talent for discovering treasures with her neighbors. jackie fucigna sells vintage furniture and housewares that she finds and restores as well as new items like totes, candles and costume jewelry.

no. 299 sale

she photographs and writes about about the pieces she finds on her blog at then jackie sets up shop four times a year out of her house and garage (at no. 299 toilsome hill road, of course!). prices are shockingly reasonable and the bar cart i was dying to see had already sold, along with several other pieces, in the morning rush.

no. 299 sale

no. 299 sale-wine glasses

i took a drive to no. 299 to talk with jackie about her flourishing business.

have you always been a “collector”?
I remember going to the United House Wrecking with my dad when I was little and picking out old glass bottles from the junk and asking if I could buy them (10 cents ea.), it felt like a treasure hunt!

how and when did you get started doing the no. 299 sale?
It sorta happened organically. I had a small dresser we had picked up some years ago that my husband was using and I finally decided it was time to upgrade him to a full-size dresser. The finish on the top of this small dresser had always been shot and we had just covered it with a lamp or books. It made its way down to the basement and I decided to try and give it a go painting it. At the time I was working at a great shop in Westport and I saw painted pieces being sold daily. How hard can this be, I am creative, I am a hard worker and it seemed like a fun project. Shortly after that a friend asked me where she should go to find a dresser for her bedroom, it had to be on the smaller size. I said why don’t you start with my basement. She loved it, bought it and she told two friends and so on… One month later I said why not host a sale at my house with the pieces I have and just see what happens.

white chair with needlepoint cushion

what are your favorite types of pieces to find and restore?
I am a sucker for great hardware and detail so really anything that falls into that category works for me.

what has been your most memorable find?
I had found these beautiful needlepointed dining room chairs made out of mahogany or maple on the side of the road with a FREE sign on them. I loved the navy background, floral designs, each chair with a different flower… these were clearly done by hand and with great love put into them. I debated about the seats and the age group that tends to have a fondness for needlepoint but I stuck to my gut and knew white paint was the answer. God I wish I had a breakfast nook to put those six (two with arms) in…UGH!

have there been items you found for the sale that you just couldn’t part with?
The desk I am sitting at right now typing this note to you… French Provincial, three small drawers across the top, my husband loved it and we needed a space for the family Mac. It’s painted Ben Moore’s Gossimer Blue, a great color! But ultimately I love everything I sell or I won’t sell it (and believe me I have a handful of mistakes down in my workshop that won’t ever come up except to go to the dump!) and I always remind myself… this is a business!

jackie adds, “I love seeing the outcome of the pieces I work on and I love it even more when they go to a good home and the buyer is tickled they found it!”

you can find out about the next sale at see you there!

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