lighting your eyes will love

as much as i enjoy winter activities, no matter where i live spring doesn’t come early enough. i have been hiding in my hobbit hole for weeks.

the spring bulbs are peeking through the earth without any upward movement. they need a blast of warm weather and sunshine before they will give my eyes some much needed color. maybe when they start to emerge, so will i.

in the meantime, i’m enjoying the warmth inside my home. here’s some lighting that’s sure to brighten your environment:


1. this ikea orgel vreten floor lamp looks nice in carrie mathison’s living room. (Homeland, people!) 2. a murano glass chandelier only sets you back $2940. 3. lotus flower chandelier made from capiz shells. 4. beautifully delicate, hand made artichoke lamp. 5. jonathan adler seahorse lamp.

making for mom (part one)

my mom has amazing taste. every place you look in her home you see interesting eye candy. she has a lot of treasures, this lady. i remember a three foot leather camel next to the fireplace growing up (weird but cool). she has little installations all over the house. i love it. here we are {READ MORE}

freezing friday: is it spring yet?

i am so ready for sandal season! i even went out and bought myself a strappy lil’ pair of lovelies that i’m dying to put on my feet. but it’s downright chilly in nyc right now. so i’ll keep wearing the woolens for a bit longer. until then, here’s what i’ve been keeping warm with this {READ MORE}

fab find: 1950s metal chair

welcome to the first installment of “fab finds,” a segment that features an interesting, cool or downright weird item that i came across and couldn’t pass up. this debut post features—what else?—a chair! a 1950s vintage metal wrap-around chair. this one is a bit beat up, but i’ve been seeking one of these mid-century lawn {READ MORE}

valentine’s day cupcakes for your sweetheart

recently i was daydreaming about frosting and how beautiful it is when the food coloring is mixing in, before it’s fully incorporated. i wanted to try to recreate that as a finished look. so i made some valentine-themed cupcakes to bring to a dinner party. this year i have been into sweethearts as a source of creative inspiration. {READ MORE}

diy valentine’s day sweetheart wreath

i never thought of myself as a wreath person. but i just can’t resist exploring all those wreath ideas floating around, and now this blog is dangerously close to becoming a wreath making how-to. maybe i can make 13 wreaths in 2013. or 39 wreaths in my 39th year. ouch! that second one hurts a {READ MORE}

v day inspiration

well hello there! long time no see. even with my 13 ways to get creative in 2013, i’m feeling a leetle unmotivated lately. looking for inspiration… this happy diagonal pattern from my shiny new kate spade bag fires me up: with valentine’s day in the offing, i’ve been searching for love-related materials to get my {READ MORE}

13 ways to kick start creativity in 2013

it’s hard to feel inspired after the holidays. for two weeks after xmas, i couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, had trouble focusing on work assignments and basically felt lazy. here are 13 ways to get those creative juices flowing in the new year: 1. organize your work space. i always start with this {READ MORE}

calendar give-away

it’s happened—another year gone. looking ahead at 2013 i see sunshine and smiles. optimism. and calendars! simply “like” treasure seeking on facebook and you will be entered to win one of these vibrant, detailed 2013 “resilience” calendars with images of nature and warmth by artist claire emery (and designed by me). good luck! beloew are images for {READ MORE}

wrap it up

all the cheap, thin wrapping paper out there makes me sad. the patterns don’t repeat cleanly, it tears when you try to cut it, and you can see the gift through the paper. enough already! this year, i ordered a huge roll of kraft paper (i heart kraft paper, for realz). then, i stamped messages {READ MORE}