calendar swap

this year i participated in a calendar swap organized by design crush + greedy girl wherein two people who have never met exchange calendars. brilliant and fun! i sent this calendar to my swapmate:

claire emery 2013 resilience calendar

the 2013 “resilience” wall calendar features vibrant woodcut artwork by my friend claire emery (designed by me!). this calendar is for sale on etsy.

my swapmate angela sent me this cute 2013 dish cloth calendar by allison cole.

2013 dish cloth calendar by allison cole


orange pomanders

you might be asking, “what is a pomander?” a pomander is an orange that is studded with cloves. you can tie a ribbon around the pomander and hang it or place several in a bowl to make a fragrant centerpiece for the table. very festive! once a pomander has dried, you may put it in {READ MORE}

holiday tea time

tea and tea accessories make splendid holiday gifts. tea is a pick-me-up and a hand warmer on cold winter days. and the few minutes it takes to brew a cup give you a break from work to read the headlines or peruse your instagram feed. some say tea tastes best when sipped from fine china. {READ MORE}

wreath madness

my mom came to new york last week for a visit. she is the OC (original crafter) and has been wielding a hot glue gun since i can remember. while we were hanging out shooting the breeze at the dining table, i decided to harness her creative energy for my holiday wreath effort. yes, we {READ MORE}

holiday wreath making

fueled by halloween candy and restless from being cooped up indoors after hurricane sandy unleashed her wrath on new york city, i decided to get started on a project: xmas wreathes. this year, instead of giving dunkin’ donuts gift cards to my kids’ teachers, the girls and i are going to make wreathes for them. i’m {READ MORE}

all they want for xmas

i would be fibbing if i told you that i dread the holidays, put off shopping ’til the last minute and just want to curl up with some spiked cocoa and my dog during the season of giving. au contraire! i start thinking about what i’m going to do for the holidays as soon as {READ MORE}

bumper car

i was minding my own business, whistling a happy tune while crossing the street. next thing i know, i’m on the ground. i hear a collective gasp from the many passersby on the bustling block. i absorb what has happened: i was struck by a car going in reverse while walking across the street. ouch! {READ MORE}

manhattan vintage

the manhattan vintage clothing show and sale, held in the metropolitan pavilion in chelsea, offers the best of vintage clothes from the 1920s to the 1990s. vendors from east of the mississippi travel to sell their collections at this show. and they know what they have. prices are fair but rarely a bargain. the clothes, {READ MORE}

jefferson, meet pig

pig, this is jefferson. jefferson sofa. in sunny yellow. a thing to behold. i don’t want to say “things” make me happy, but this sofa from thrive home furnishings does. the yellow brightened up the room so much. and this sofa is deep—perfect for an afternoon read (or nap). check out the sweet bird throw {READ MORE}

shoe project done!

turns out i’m an equal opportunity shoe lover (except the cheap variety). photographing my shoes led me to evaluate whether each pair is current and in good condition. i’ll admit that a few are a little scuffed, but i’m not ready to part with them yet. step-by-step shoe box photo labeling: 1. photograph your shoes. choose {READ MORE}